Become an Affiliate

SourcePanel’s affiliate network is a group of approved companies who have licensed and rebranded the SourcePanel platform for their own use.  Staffing companies, project outsourcing firms, specialized services firms, hardware distributors, associations, and more organizations can tap exceptional value connecting their customers and service partners on their own self-service platform.  SourcePanel affiliates receive the following benefits:

  • Enable your customers to obtain project estimate and contract staffing services On Demand across hundreds of skill sets
  • Streamline invoicing – generate hundreds of invoices in seconds with zero redundant data entry
  • Sell additional services and increase revenue
  • Enable your customers to obtain supplemental services from you rather than another company
  • Make money when your providers perform work for other affiliates (global provider pool)
  • Visualize project, customer, provider and invoicing data
  • Automate invoicing and accounts receivable operations

SourcePanel affliates pay a monthly licensing fee and a small top-line platform revenue fee.

Additional benefits of becoming a SourcePanel affiliate:

  • Affiliate branding / customization
    • Includes mobile optimization
  • Platform customization
    • area of expertise customization
    • skill customization
    • module offerings
    • notification preferences and customization
    • pricing customization
    • access to the global provider pool
    • ability to participate in the global provider pool
    • invoice customization
    • dashboard customization
    • platform setup, training and support

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