Watch the SourcePanel VPMS Overview:

1. Start Projects

Scope & Estimate.

SourcePanel’s VPMS enables you to start projects on-demand. Project scoping tools, workflow automation, and pre-organized teams make it easy to move projects from whiteboard to dashboard.

2. Assign Talent

Specialized, Available, Expertise.

Work your own vendors, or use the VPMS vendor pool where you can find hundreds of technology consultants, engineers and project managers who are already vetted and trained on the VPMS.

3. Manage & Pay

You Are In Control.

Utilize the dynamic, cloud-based dashboard to manage multiple projects and teams, collaborate using helpful tools and notifications, approve work, and receive invoices.

Search the VPMS Resource Pool:

Why SourcePanel?

SourcePanel’s “VPMS” (Vendor Project Management System) is the first all-in-one vendor management software that combines traditional vendor management tools with project collaboration software.

VPMS makes it easier for companies to assign small projects to internal teams or vendors. The platform streamlines project scoping and estimating, standardizes legal, provides project collaboration features, and offers administrative controls for managing multiple users and projects from an easy to use dashboard.

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