10 Reasons

10 Reasons to Use SourcePanel VPMS

SourcePanel’s “VPMS” (Vendor Project Management System) is the first all-in-one vendor management software that combines traditional vendor management tools with project collaboration software. Here are ten reasons to use SourcePanel VPMS:

  1. Speed up your projects without adding a project manager
  2. Streamline the vendor onboarding process
  3. Make it easy for your vendors to provide fast estimates
  4. Standardize workflow processes across all your projects
  5. Quickly find new, vetted, specialized vendors who are already familiar with your VPMS
  6. Improve project insight on all your companywide projects
  7. Receive dynamic project status updates without the need to make a phone call or send an email
  8. Improve vendor accountability
  9. Centralize project data so it can be easily reviewed and shared in the future
  10. Make it easier for your vendors to work with you

Cut overhead, speed up, improve control, improve insight, and minimize risk with the SourcePanel VPMS.

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