Data security has never been more important. The bad guys are out there and it is easier than ever for them to get to your data if you are not proactively protecting yourself.

SourcePanel has security experts in all the latest firewall and security applications. White-hat hackers are available to tell you where you are vulnerable and show you how to tighten things up.

Our security audits and scans give you clear insight to potential threats including:

  • Event reporting
  • SQL injection
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Logic errors
  • Logging
  • Performance
  • Entry points
  • Compliance liability
  • Internal vs. External threats

SourcePanel also provides source code security assessments using different forms of Static Application Security Testing (SAST) as well as architecture assessments which cover:

  • Application to application communications
  • Business to business communications
  • Data flow models
  • Internal network security architecture
  • Perimeter architecture
  • Remote access architecture
  • Security architecture and zones
  • Threat models
  • Admin access
  • Authentication mechanisims
  • Encryption
  • Identity management
  • Proactive monitoring

SourcePanel providers are vendor-neutral, US-based, under non-disclosure agreements, and have extensive expertise in their areas of support. If you have a security concern, SourcePanel has you covered.

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