SourcePanel knows applications. With expert resources spanning 100+ different applications, you can be sure SourcePanel has you covered:

  • EMR / EHR applications
  • CRM applications
  • Legal applications
  • Accounting and finance applications
  • eGovernment applications
  • eCommerce applications
  • POS applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Geographic and mapping applications
  • Logical security applications
  • Business analytics and intelligence applications
  • All Microsoft
  • All Oracle
  • 50+ open source applications
  • Custom and legacy applications

Customers use SourcePanel for application integration, configuration and support for several reasons:

  • Vendor support is too expensive
  • Vendor support is too slow or inadequate
  • Vendor support is not available

Our service providers for applications have deep experience in all facets of application integration, configuration support. Just some of the typical project types include:

  • Data integration
  • Template creation
  • Interface
  • Analytics
  • Data migration
  • Versioning
  • Form / Field creation
  • Training
  • SLA review / assessment / auditing

The next time you need some help with your application, give SourcePanel a try. Remember, SourcePanel is vendor-neutral and all providers are US-based with extensive experience in their approved field(s).

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